Western Digital Data Recovery

Western Digital Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery a complete data recovery service that specializes in data recovery from Western Digital hard drives including laptop, notebook, desktop and portable USB hard drives. We have extensive experience working with all major hard drive brands. Western Digital is one of the leading, most common hard disk drive manufacturers and we have been recovering data from WD’s for nearly as long as they have been manufacturing hard drives.

Hard Drive Failure Sympt0ms

It’s not uncommon for a Western Digital drives to make clicking or ‘clunking’ sounds when it has suffered from a head crash or other mechanical failure. It’s also not uncommon for external hard drives to be dropped, even when the utmost care and caution are applied.

20 Years Experience

With over 20 years experience in Western Digital Data Recovery, we are uniquely qualified to offer data recovery services for data loss caused by power surges and outages, mechanical failure, lightning strikes, fires, floods, dropped hard drives, viruses, equipment malfunctions, accidents and user error. If you have a Western Digital hard drive that is no longer seen in bios, that is clicking, or has simply failed due to unknown causes, rest assured that your hard drive will be in ‘Good Hands’ with ECO Data Recovery.

Western Digital Data  Recovery

Data Recovery for Western Digital Hard Drives

ECO Data Recovery provides some of the highest success ratios for Western Digital Data Recovery Services.

  • Western Digital Passport (Elements Portable, My Passport, My Passport Essential, Passport Essential SE)
  • Western Digital My Book (3.0, My Book Essential and My Book Elite, My Book Studio Edition)
  • WD Raptor Hard Drives
  • Western Digital Caviar
  • WD Elements
  • Western Digital My Book World Edition
  • Western Digital Scorpio Blue, Scorpio Black and More!

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