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Over 20 years ago our Founder was working on a huge corporate project when all the sudden his hard drive crashed. His initial panic led to then the phone book to find someone who could help him through one of the most frustrating experiences of his life. Not only were years of work lost, but  important pieces of his life (Photos, emails, Passwords, etc). Through this experience Chuck realized that the Data Recovery landscape was one filled with “pit falls and vipers” so to speak. Companies who only give pricing after they find out how valuable the information is on your drive and making promises that they can’t keep. As a result he put his experience to work and founded ECO Data Recovery, the Hard Drive Recovery company that promises up front pricing no matter what files your trying to recover. Eco Data Recovery is trusted partner with fortune 500 companies that require the highest of standards be maintained for their data. Fill out the quote request form below to have some one from ECO Data Recovery contact you within 30 minutes (During Normal Business Hours).


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ECO Data Recovery Services offers Firm Prices ‘Up Front’ Prices for all RAID Servers, PC, MAC, laptop and portable USB hard drives.(Sounds normal…However, most companies do not offer Flat-Rate Prices). Hard drives can suffer from physical, mechanical hard drive crashes, operating system failure, viruses, or file system corruption. Any one of these instances could easily result in the inability to access your files. We are well versed with all major hard drive manufacturers such as Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba etc. With over 20 years experience being firmly based in hard drive repair and hard drive recovery, we are qualified to perform professional, invasive level, data recovery service on all types of hard drives including RAID Servers. Whatever you need to have recovered, whether it be priceless photographs, spreadsheets, email, your company accounting database. We recover it all!


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IMPORTANT: If you hear noises coming from your hard drive, SHUT DOWN your computer ASAP!


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Hard Drive Recovery Failure Symptoms?

Hard Drive Recovery in many cases is a necessity that is a direct result of a crashed or mechanically failed hard drive. When a hard drive crashes it can become noisy, making unusual sounds such as clicking, ticking or grinding, and in some cases even stop spinning altogether. These cases will often require a complete disassemble, repair and rebuild of the hard drive in order to recover data. Often times we will need to actually temporarily ‘repair’ the hard drive in order for us to successfully perform an invasive level Recovery. In this day and age, we store our ‘entire lives’ on a hard drive. If you have ever experienced a hard drive crash, you know just how frustrating it can be to not have access to your files. For more information, see our hard drive recovery page or Data Recovery Call Immediate Quote 800-339-3412.


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Hard Drive Manufacturers

ECO Data Recovery Services performs hard drive data recovery on computers running the following operating systems and more:


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