ECO Data Recovery Pricing

Now more than ever, this is a great question that we get asked frequently. Generally, Pricing for Data Recovery can vary widely from vendor to vendor. Take a few minutes to read through how our average prices for data recovery stand apart from the rest. ECO Data Recovery offers Affordable Flat-Rate pricing that is based on average labor, material costs and years of experience with hard drive data recovery. We will give you a written Service Agreement  (Note: Not an Estimate) up-front, prior to any data recovery Service. You’ll know exactly what cost to expect for hard drive data recovery when your files are recovered and you won’t be “held hostage for a hefty ransom” once we recover your data. Our cost  for data recovery offers ‘Full Disclosure’. We call it FAIR and UP-FRONT pricing.

>> We Offer Affordable Flat Rate, Pricing, Up-Front. <<
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Pricing for Hard Drive Data Recovery

Pricing for Data Recovery is based upon our extensive experience, commitment to quality and to successfully recovering your data at a Fair Price. What sets ECO Data Recovery pricing apart from the rest?  One of the major differences in how we have always set ourselves apart from other data recovery companies, is that we do not provide data recovery price ranges, but rather we will provide a you with a Affordable firm up-front pricing for your data recovery service right over the phone. Its’ quick and easy and could save you hundreds of dollars!

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 Pricing for Flat Rate Data Recovery

Unlike most other data recovery services, ECO Data Recovery can calculate the costs including parts and labor based upon years and years of hard drive repair and recovery experience. Our history allows us to provide you with up-front pricing for flat rate data recovery. We will provide an exact data recovery cost for you via email or telephone before you even send in your hard drive for recovery. We will not charge you a fee only to then give you a quote for your data recovery cost.

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Loss of Business Continuity should also be factored in, can also be extremely expensive,and in some case cost more than “Data Recovery”. Loss of production due to ‘down time’ can also be costly.

All data has a “Dollar Worth. We understand that in some cases, the pricing for data recovery services can exceed the actual ‘value’ of the data that is stored on the hard drive. (You or your user are the only ones that can determine the ‘worth’ of the data.) However, in many cases Data Recovery could actually be considered a “Cost Effective” solution, when compared to lost productivity, down time, or data re-creation. (If this is even an option.)

IMPORTANT: If you hear any noises coming from your computer hard drive, SHUT down your computer ASAP!


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