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Florida Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery. A full service Florida Hard Drive Data Recovery Service company based in South Florida. Providing hard drive data recovery with affordable Fair and Up-Front data recovery service costs. We specialize in hard drive recovery services from all hard drives. Our data recovery lab is located in Palm Beach County, FL., so naturally we consider anyone in Florida a “local” client.

Over 20 Years Experience

Florida Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery located in South Florida since 1995 with over 20 years experience in hard drive repair and recovery, we are uniquely qualified to offer data recovery services for any type of data loss scenario. Data loss can be the result of a wide variety of causes such as mechanical hard drive crashes, power surges & outages, static electricity, lightning strikes, fires, floods, viruses, etc. In most instances this data can be recovered by a professional data recovery service. Feel free to call us at: 1-800-339-3412 to speak with a knowledgeable, and friendly data recovery consultant.

Florida Data Recovery Cost

ECO Data Recovery specializes in Flat-Rate Pricing for hard drive recovery of PC, MAC, Laptop and RAID Server hard Drives. Unlike some of our competitors, we will disclose full pricing  up front prior to you sending in your drive for Data Recovery.

As we have said over and over again, “It’s bad enough that you need Data Recovery. You at least, should know the TOTAL COST UP FRONT with no surprises after you send your hard drive for Data Recovery”.

Florida Data Recovery Service

Conveniently located in South Florida, everyone in Florida is a “local” customer to ECO Data Recovery.

We are simply overnight UPS ground delivery from anywhere in the state of Florida.

Florida Data Recovery Serving All of Florida

Call 1-800-339-3412 for immediate assistance

Our Data Recovery Lab located in South Florida.

Do you need data recovery?

Do you have a hard drive crash? Is your hard drive clicking? Maybe your hard drive is not even spinning.
Possible errors include: “no bootable device found”, “non system disk error”, Enter F1, F2 or any other key to setup up? These symptoms can indicate a severe hard drive failure, ‘level 3’ type of invasive data recovery that will require the maximum efforts and experience of a data recovery company equipped with an onsite clean room. Often, the failed hard drive will need to be ‘repaired’ for the sole purpose of recovering the data. The good news is that you have found the right Florida Data Recover service and we are located right here in South Florida!!
ECO Data Recovery  specializes in data recovery from laptop, desktop hard drives, exchange servers and RAID Servers.

3 Crucial Steps for a Successful Data Recovery

1. Turn off computer immediately! (This can prevent further possible irreparable damage to the hard drive. Relax and take deep breath.)

2. If possible have hard disk drive removed by qualified computer technician.

3. Call: 1-800-339-3412 for immediate, courteous, knowledgeable and professional service.

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