Emergency Data Recovery Services

Many times the loss of critical data can be devastating to you or your business. With most companies, down time means lost revenue. In these times, lost revenue is simply not an option. In some cases, people will ask “But can I afford to do emergency data recovery?” With ECO Data Recovery, you can!

We offer a very affordable standard data recovery service, as well as “Emergency” data recovery services.

We pride ourselves on providing professional service, with an emphasis on quality and customer service. If you happen to find yourself in a time sensitive situation and MUST have your data ASAP, our expedited service is for you.
With our expedited data recovery services, we will start your hard drive recovery immediately upon arrival of your hard drive.

 Emergency Data Recovery Services

Call 1-800-339-3412 For Immediate Help!


When time is critical, you can count on ECO Data Recovery to pull through for you in your time of need, get your data back, and get you back up and running as soon as possible.
(We have actually had mechanically failed hard drives delivered to our lab in the morning, and shipped out successfully recovered the very same day!)
We offer an extremely reasonable expedited emergency data recovery service for these time sensitive situations.
With our expedited service, we will begin your hard drive recovery immediately upon arrival. Your hard drive will completely bypass the lab queue and go directly to an engineers bench.

Turn around time for Expedited Service averages 1 to 3 business days for single hard drives.
Our standard service generally averages 4 to 7 business days and is basically a ‘first in, first out’ lab queue.

ECO Data Recovery is open for business between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday,  Eastern Standard Time. If you do need expedited service after our regular business hours, or on a weekend, a Recovery Consultant can be reached by telephone at the following number: 561-758-8404 (Live up to 9:30pm EST)

Please Call: 800-339-3412 or 561-691-0019 During normal business hours.

If you need assistance after 10:00pm EST please use our Online Quote Form and be sure to mark YES in the “Emergency Service” field and your quote will be our first priority.

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