Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drive Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery specializes in recovery from laptop, notebook, desktop, RAID  and servers.  We store our entire lives on hard drives. In many cases a hard drive crash can result in the need for a hard drive recovery. In the skilled hands of an experienced data recovery technician, a vast majority of these drive failures can be overcome and critical data can successfully recovered.

Any Unusual Sounds

Any unusual sounds from your hard drive, such as clicking or grinding? This  generally indicates that the hard drive has suffered a mechanical failure, or is on the verge of a drive crash. Electronics can fail, motors can seize, the drive may even stop spinning. Once a hard drive has suffered from mechanical failure of this sort, data recovery via advanced, invasive level techniques will need to be performed.

Over 20 Years Experience

Over 20 years experience in hard drive data recovery. ECO specializes recovering data from hard disk drives that will not spin, that are clicking or noisy or have simply failed due to old age.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost

ECO Data Recovery specializes in Flat-Rate Pricing for hard drive recovery of PC, MAC, Laptop and RAID Server hard Drives. Unlike some of our competitors, we will disclose full pricing  up front prior to you sending in your drive for Data Recovery.

As we have said over and over again, “It’s bad enough that you need Data Recovery. You at least, should know the TOTAL COST UP FRONT with no surprises after you send your hard drive for Data Recovery”.

Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

In numerous cases, these failed drives which can click, tick, become noisy or stop spinning altogether. This will require complete disassembly, repair and rebuild in a clean room.  This will facilitate a successful Hard Drive Data Recovery of any critical data that is stored on the hard drive. The process involved in hard drive data recovery requires not only skill and expertise, but also extensive experience hard drive data recovery hardware.Further, a  complete understanding of the mechanics and functions of all hard drives. (Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Toshiba just to name a few.)

IMPORTANT: If you hear any noises coming from your computer hard drive, SHUT down your computer ASAP!


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