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Hard Drive Repair by ECO Data Recovery is often required prior to recovering any data from a hard drive. Although this repair is a very temporary one, it is extremely critical that the ‘repair’ is performed by a skilled and most of all, experienced technician. Improper hard drive repair techniques can severely hinder chances of a successful data recovery. (Possibly making data recovery difficult at best, or in some cases, even impossible).

In a majority of hard drive crashes, you may only have one chance for a successful recovery of your files.


We suggest to shut your computer down immediately if there is *any* unusual noises from your drive to prevent further damage!



Hard Drive Repair – Data Recovery

Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Hard drive failures can be caused be a variety of reasons. The electronics can develop electrical shorts due to surges or spikes. The heads inside of the drive can fail to read data. Further, sometimes the hard drive will not even spin up at all. Or the hard drive will emit unusual sounds such as clicking, grinding, scraping etc.

We receive telephone calls and web searches daily looking for “hard drive repair”. However, hard drive repair is a temporary fix. It is a most critical element of the actual work involved in recovering data, and must be done properly. Under no circumstances would we, or any other quality data recovery service, advise attempting any type of D.I.Y. hard drive repair. This can render further hard drive recovery attempts futile. Over the years we have seen a vast amount of drives that had tampered with or opened prior to arriving. If left alone, in the ‘as failed’ state, chances for recovery are immeasurably higher.


We cannot stress enough to never, under any circumstances, attempt open a hard drive

Any unusual sounds from a hard drive generally indicates the need for invasive level data recovery service.

In other words, a clicking or noisy hard drive requires a clean-room environment and a data recovery lab that has the experience and capabilities of ‘repairing’ or rebuilding hard disk drives.

20 Years Experience in Hard Drive Repair Data Recovery

With over 20 years experience in hard drive repair, we are qualified to offer hard drive data recovery services. While we do repair hard drives, it is with the single goal of a successful recovery of your data. We would never recommend reusing a hard drive that has been to a data recovery service for file recovery.

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