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      Disk Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery a full service hard disk data recovery service based in Florida. We provide Disk Data Recovery at fair and up-front prices. If your hard disk has suffered from a crash, or mechanical failure and you need hard disk recovery we can help. We specialize in recovering “vital data” from laptop, notebook, desktop, external hard disk drives including RAID Servers. Our disk data recovery service is located in Palm Beach County, FL., and have been providing hard drive repair and recovery since hard drive storage capacity was measured in Megabytes, rather than Gigabytes.

20 Years Experience

Being headquartered in South Florida since 1995, we are simply overnight shipping from anywhere in the United States. With over 20 years experience in hard drive repair and hard drive recovery, we are qualified to offer data recovery services. Data loss can be the result of a wide variety of causes and in most cases, when the proper actions and precautions are taken, data can be recovered from most hard disk drives.

Disk Data Recovery Cost

ECO specializes in Flat-Rate Pricing of hard drive recovery  of PC, MAC and RAID server hard drives. Unlike some of our competitors, we will disclose full pricing up front prior to you sending your hard drive in for Data Recovery.
As we had said over and over again, “It’s bad enough that you need Data Recovery. You at least, should know what the TOTAL COST UP FRONT with no surprises after you send your hard drive for Data Recovery”.

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Disk Data Recovery by ECO Data Recovery

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Our Data Recovery Lab located in Palm Beach County Florida.

Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Do you have a clicking hard disk drive? It’s possible that you’re hard disk drive is not spinning correctly, or has incurred damage. Or perhaps your hard drive is not detected or “seen” in the BIOS…”non system disk error”, Enter F1, F2 or any other key to setup up. These symptoms can possibly indicate a hard drive crash, ‘level 3’ type of invasive data recovery that will require maximum efforts and experience of a qualified, professional, hard disk data recovery service.The good news is that you have found the right place! We specialize in data recovery from all hard drive manufacturers and can boast a success ratio that is in excess of 85%!

3 Crucial Steps to a Successful Data Recovery

1. Turn off computer immediately. (To prevent further possible irreparable damage) (Relax and take deep breath.)
2. If possible have hard disk drive removed by qualified technician.
3. Dial: 1-800-339-3410 for immediate courteous, knowledgeable and ‘professional’ service.

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